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About us

Our development team
Our home: Innovationcenter Campus Bielefeld. Image from: ICB GmbH

CNM Technologies is a German high-tech company, which is specialised on the development, production, and marketing of Carbon nanomembranes (CNMs). Our company base with research and development activities is Bielefeld.

Carbon nanomembranes are ultimately thin: they are manufactured from a single layer of molecules with a thickness between 1 and 5 nanometres. At the same time, they are mechanically, thermally, and chemically stable and can span free-standing larger openings. This new class of materials can be used in a wide variety of applications such as membrane technology for water treatment or gas separation, the manufacture of semiconductor elements, surface protection or as active components in sensors.

CNM Technologies holds a broad portfolio of patents and patent applications protecting the material, manufacturing, handling and modification of CNMs as well as several applications and end products. We are working in a close network of partners including distinguished research institutions, universities and industrial laboratories in several European countries.

The company was founded in Bielefeld, Germany, in autumn 2011 with the aim of further developing the results of many years of research activities within the universities of Heidelberg and Bielefeld into marketable products within the framework of a spin-off, thus creating a growth-oriented and technologically strong company.

In 2014, the regional growth funds "Gründerfonds Bielefeld-Ostwestfalen" joined the shareholders, thus creating a capital base for the further growth of the team and the development of marketable products.

In 2018, we decided on water filtration as first focus technology.

In 2019, the company moved into own premises in the Innovationszentrum Campus Bielefeld (ICB), where the team builds the basis for a successful introduction of our products into various application. Currently, the team consists of 7 employees in total.