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Company History

The company was founded in autumn 2011 in Bielefeld with the goal to transfer the results of several years of development activities in the universities of Heidelberg and Bielefeld to market-ready products under the umbrella of a growth and technology orientated startup.

In 2014, the regional growth funds "Gründerfonds Bielefeld-Ostwestfalen" joined the shareholders and helped to create a capital and funding base for future growth of the team and the development of products for several markets. In this year, the team grew by another 2 employees in the R&D department.

In 2018, we decided on water filtration as first focus technology.

In 2019, the company moved into own premises in the Innovationszentrum Campus Bielefeld (ICB), where the team builds the basis for a successful introduction of our products into various application. Currently, the team consists of 6 employees in total.